The Tough Brandons

August 26, 2011
The Baneliness' Fortress

After negotiating a deal with the dreadful Azrique Malfoy (To give her the Ebon Ring of the Carnifex if they recover it), our heroes set off towards The Baneliness’ monstrous-fortress-of-concentrated-evil and-vampires…

The putrid realm in which they find themselves is seemingly crumbling at the seams. Indeed, The Baneliness has used the power of the Ebon Ring to distort reality in such a way that the world is falling into areality.

They are separated from the fortress by an army of the Baneliness’ undead forces who are preparng for Malfoy’s invasion. Henry casts invisibility on everyone and the heroes attempt to navigate through the army. Nimbly maneuvering around gargantuan nightwalkers, fiendish ghouls and colossal catapults, the Heroes make their way to the fotress…But OH SHIT THEY’RE SPOTTED by a patrolling shade who detects their living prescense. The Heroes book it, making for the base of the fortress. The shade swoops in multiple times, nearly killing Tharnak. They make it to the base of the fortress, whip on a nightwalker (Who nearly anal rapes Silverlin) and some ghouls, and then contemplate how to enter the fortress.

Our heroes ascend the stairs, spotting a large platform with a large door, being guarded by 3 vampires. Henry distracts one with his controlled-shade, and the other two get pwned (After Tharnak loses more constitution). They penetrate the fortress, knocking around some more vampires and flesh golems (Who were just emptying the trash), along with taking out a frightening new opponent, an Elect Vampire (a large vampire with sabretooth like fangs and wings). After discovering the vampire roost with seemingly indestructible coffins, Henry ingeniously transforms into a Hellfire Swarm and brings the vamps out for slaughter.

Proceeding into a large, open room, our heroes find themselves trapped and ambushed by a strike force of vampires…

/Lost trombone!


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